3 Forex Trading Myths Busted

3 Forex Trading Myths Busted

Whether you’re a seasoned forex trader or just a newbie, I’m sure that by now you’ve already come across a few generalities about trading.

But be warned! Some may have some truth to them but these three are nothing but myths. Here are three of them:

Myth #1: “Try and Try and Pretty Soon You’ll Succeed.”

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but the forex market doesn’t give a cat’s litter about your efforts.

Perhaps we have Disney to blame for having this fairytale mindset, thinking that whoever watches the market 24/7, takes the most trades, and gives up his entire social life, will be rewarded with a happy ending.

It’s unfair, I know. But that’s how life works. Think about it. What do you think is the proportion of artists and athletes who dedicate so much time to their craft but still find that they couldn’t live off their careers?

Yes it’s possible to make a living out of forex trading. However, one has to be consistently good at it.

It doesn’t necessarily mean watching the market non-stop, pulling the trigger on every trade setup you see, or ditching your friends for lunch every day because you feel that you still have to trade.

To be consistently profitable at forex trading, you need to hone your abilities and develop your skills. This means that you have to work on things that you can control. So stop depending on good karma to reward you with pips!

Myth #2: “As Long as I Have Discipline, I’m Safe.”

Don’t get me wrong, discipline is most definitely necessary to being successful in forex trading but that’s not all it takes.

But no matter how disciplined you are, there are still factors that could trip up your trades and turn them into losses.

It could be that they didn’t dedicate enough time and effort in figuring out which trading style is best for them or what kind of mechanical systems they should use.

They probably didn’t spend time to practice on demo first or backtest their forex strategies before going live. Or their trades could’ve also been affected by black swan events or other unfortunate market moves that a trader can’t really prepare for.

Either way, traders can still be disciplined AND lose their trades or even accounts. It’s all part of the game, ya know?

Myth #3: “A Trader’s Number One Enemy Is His Emotions.”

Traders have been told time and again to keep their emotions in check. Being vulnerable to your emotions can have negative repercussions in trading, as your concentration and decision-making process can get skewed.

But think about it for a second. When do you feel most stressed? Is it during those times when you’re trading poorly?

If you answered “Yes!” to the second question, then congratulations, you are a normal human being.

Emotional stress is a natural result of poor trading performance. This happens when traders fail to manage risk properly or trade without any objective edge in the markets.

What results afterwards is a vicious cycle where one’s negative emotions can damage trading performance.

Always remember that trading is a performance field, wherein success is a result of a combination of talents and skills. And as with discipline, control over your emotions is a crucial factor but it’s not the only ingredient to success.

Mastering trading psychology simply dictates how consistent you are with applying your talents and skills, but it cannot replace those factors.

Which among the three forex misconceptions are you most guilty of? Remember, young Padawans, there is no universal recipe for success.

What works for others may or may not work for you so take every generalization you come across with a grain of salt.

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