Sniper Suite Expert Advisor Review

Sniper Suite Expert Advisor Overview

Price: $1599 – $7599
Refund: None
Installation Support: Available
Strategy: Advanced Price Action
Number of traders per day: Few
Currency pairs: All Pairs
Fully Automated: Yes
Trading Platform: MT4
Backtest: None
Live Account: None
Historical ROI: 30-50% ROI every month.

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In this blog, I am going to review the sniper suite expert advisor for those people who are not much known to this word Expert Advisor (EA).

It is suitable for any kind of forex trader as it is a complete set and forgets automated trading solution that includes very clear and in-depth installation instructions for instant and easy setup.

This flexible forex robot can be traded on multiple currency pairs Sniper Suite claims to have so far done around 100% as I write this audit so to ensure you check the forex robot results page for the most recent performance updates.

Sniper Suite Expert Advisor Strategy

Sniper Suite Expert Advisor focuses on a potential 3-5% profit for each pair each month and trades on 10 recommended currency pairs. Thinking about these stats, you can accomplish a 50% ROI.

You may decide to trade some or the entirety of the suggested currency pair.

The EA claims to utilize a stop loss that controls drawdowns pleasantly while the take profit is guaranteeing a normal success more visible than an average loss and consequently the risk to reward ratio is positive and a losing trade doesn’t wipe out a lot of winning trades.

There is the thing that the designer calls a “Cut-Switch Strategy” that expects to recover rapidly from any losses. It will run on any MetaTrader 4 or 5 platform despite the fact that I would obviously recommend a regulated true ECN forex broker for the most ideal trading results. This is because of the lower spreads and a lot of liquidity saving money on trading costs.

Sniper Suite Expert Advisor Back Testing

The Sniper Suite Expert Advisor claims it has been tried and tested right back to 2001 with stunning outcomes indicating brilliantly smooth equity graphs with big increases!
It has been back tried with each and every trick on different currency pairs with in-depth reports having being imported into MyFxBook for further in-depth analysis which shows strangely exceptional high returns (millions %) and very low drawdowns. 

Summary (Do not buy, no live results and website doesn’t look functional)

The promises are wow but there is no supporting evidence or trial which makes it so difficult to believe.  

The Price also looks too exorbitant. More updates would be released in the future.

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