Signals Providers

  1. Anyone can be a seller on fxloaded market area. But you must be real, so click to register as a vendor
  2. Read here on how to become a vendor
  3. Fxloaded team will check all the info you have submitted to verify you are real.
  4. To confirm your identity, users need to provide a photograph of one of the following documents:
    • passport (double-page spread);
    • ID card or identity certificate (front side);
    • driver’s license (front side).
  5. Document photographs should meet the following requirements:
    • photographs should be in color;
    • photographs should be uncut — all edges of a document should be visible;
    • a document should occupy more than 50% of the photograph area;
    • a photograph should be clear; a text should be legible and easy to read;
    • editing photographs using image-processing applications is not allowed.
  6. Fxloaded may refuse to register a user as a Seller without any explanation.
  7. Fxloaded may at any time cancel the “Seller” status of a User without any explanation.
  8. When registering as a Seller, all information should be submitted in English.
  9. After registration, the Seller’s name is publicly available in the Seller’s Profile.
  10. Fxloaded agrees not to disclose the Seller’s additional personal information to any third party, except at the request of the relevant state bodies authorized to receive such information.
  11. The Seller shall provide true personal information during registration.
  12. The Signal Provider can be trading signals from a demo or a live account.
  13. The Signals Provider must upload his trading result on myfxbook before coming to fxloaded and  the myfxbook result must be fully verified: he shall ensure access to his trading account by means of an investor password and shall not change the investor password throughout the entire Subscription period.
  14. The Signals Provider shall give an advance one week notice to the “Signals” service Administration of his intention to terminate the operation of the Signal.
  15. A Signal provider can only be set up for MetaTrader 4
  16.  The Provider agrees that for all public info of the account on myfxbook, like the: values ​​of balance and equity, the amount of replenishment and withdrawals, as well as fixed and floating profit/loss.
  17. It is not allowed to set up a new Signal based on any existing Signal in the “Signals” service, regardless of the fact to whom such existing Signal belongs and whether it is offered for a fee or free of charge. If such violation is determined to have occurred, the Signal copy will be deleted and the fxloaded account of the violating Provider blocked.
  18. A change in the investor password to the trading account of the Signal leads to the automatic termination of the Trading Signal transmission and constitutes a violation of the “Signals” Service Terms of Use by the Signals Provider.
  19. In case of early termination of the Signal operation, the payments received from Subscribers for the current Subscription period will not be credited to the Provider’s account.

Subscription to Signals

For a subscriber, you dont need much:

You will need:

  1. Check the signal area and subscribe to any of your prefered signal service by checking their reuslts.
  2. Once your payment is recieved, we wont deliver your fund to the Seller until you get read-only access to the MT4 accounts via investor password.
  3. Fxloaded will provide you with a copier software to copy Forex trades between MT4 accounts instantly.
  4. You will need a VPS. You can use this VPS service.


Refund Policy

This purchase comes with a “No refund” policy. The reason is that all proofs of strategies are verified by myfxbook and provided by seller. So your work is to check all the proof that a strategie works. No one can guarantee the future and you either take the risk to follow and copy the strategy or you don’t. Plus, it is very inconvenient to change MT4  password just for a user when so many users have it.

We cannot cut out paying customers to change investor password just because someone decided to refund their money. It becomes an issue for existing customers. For this reason we cannot give trial access or refunds. If you don’t trust any seller of signal please  don’t buy it.

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