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⭐User_SetEA is a perfect  Expert Advisor for MetaTrader terminals that allows you to trade using an order grid.

It comes with a smart indicator which will be sent together with the ea after purchase.

The Expert Advisor algorithm makes it possible to trade with the trend.

Trading with the trend is structured in such a way that each new order is opened only if the previous order goes into a negative zone.

Trading against the trend is prohibited in order to avoid high drawdown.

The advisor has a necessary settings that allow you to conduct conservative, aggressive or scalping trading of financial instruments.

⚡ Advantages of the User_SetEA Grid Expert Advisor

  • Easy to configure
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals
  • The expert advisor automatically takes fees and swaps into account
  • It can work with GBPUSD alone which makes it stable in trading profitably
  • It can be optimized in the strategy tester
  • It trade on 15 minutes time frames which makes it faster to achieve profit if their is opportunity to scalp
  • It has multiple modes of trading: with the trend

👉 Recommendations:

  • Perform testing in conditions as close to reality as possible. Use demo accounts for tests.
  • Test for at least 2-4 business weeks
  • For high-quality and reliable testing, if possible, use VPS servers
  • Use the non martingale options by changing the settings if you love not to use martingale.
  • And if you want to use martingale you can tweak the settings of the ea to be sure it fits your style. You can also do back test  to see what works best for you.

Below is the results on live accounts:

Below is how it trades:

So after payment you receive the following:

  • User_SetEA
  • Pdf File 
  • Indicator

After payment you need to send  your live mt4 account number and 1 demo account number.


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