UNSTOPPABLE-GRID- 19 years of backtest

$ 2,000.00

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If an EA can survive for 19 years without blowing an account and can have a very little drawdown wont you buy it and stop wasting time buying other EAs.

I laugh when I see people buy an EA every time and cant just stick to something that will work for them for a very long time… What you are about to watch is a backtest of my Grid trading system that survives all type of market conditions for 19 years..

My system is not a quick rich scheme system, it is not Holy Grail, but it delivers…Please try to watch the video and see how it works and see how it delivers..

What you will recieve after making payment is my UNSTOPPABLE GRID system and PDF Guide.

Note it works on 1 live account…This is not for everyone…

Best Regards..

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General Inquiries

8 Inquiries

  1. May 11, 2020

    So, to someone else you said 50% - 80% and to me 10% - 30% on this same page!!

    Thanks a lot sir good day!!!

    Mate dont get confused...He asked a private question before the last one he asked..

    He talked about his lotsizes and how aggressive he wants to be ..So I decided to reply him and make sure it sticks to the page so all buyers can see..But no one sees the privates messages..

    If I want to lie to you, I would say the same percentage because I am man on integrity..Your lotsizes and settings can even make you 200% and on number of pairs you use it on..All that was discussed to him inside the private message..So if you use on one pair and want to make the same percentage like traders using on multiple pairs..not possible..

    I hope you understand why I wrote different percentage now..

    Thanks for understanding..

    My Regards..

  2. May 10, 2020

    No updates to the EA?

    What is the minimum percentage that this bot generates?

    Does it have losing months?

    How this will coup with the volatile markets?

    Do you have a personal website?


    It makes 10 percent to 30 percent monthly.. 

    It cant have a lossing month it can only have less profit..

    It all depends on your settings.So volatile market is not a problem..

    See how it survives 19 years of backtest..

    No I dont have a personal website ..That is the reason I come to sell here on fxloaded..

    Best Regards 

  3. May 8, 2020


    May I ask who is the creator of this bot? Can I test it before I buy it? Does it have refund if it doesn't work?


    First I am the creator and developer of this trading system..

    Sorry no trial version, it works exactly the way you see on my page,  if after you recieve and does not work the way you see, you get your money back...I dont sell anything different from what you see on my page..

    Thanks for contacting me..

  4. August 5, 2019

    whats the return each month with this system??

    It can do 50% monthly....Since it is automated trading system it can also do 80%...Anytime you make profit monthly.. Just withdraw you money and reinvest on another account...It trades conservatively...

  5. July 17, 2019

    Thanks for your support everytime..i have another question: Can I use it on ecn zero account...I want to open new account for my wife..

    Yes you can.

  6. June 11, 2019

    I live your system, it is really doing like you said.. I have a request.. Can you design for me to work on any pairs.? .. I will the cost.. Thanks

    Thanks for your feedback...yes it can be designed to work on any pairs..But it will take time....we will send you a quote privately

  7. April 11, 2019

    Your backtest is unbelievable, 19 years is a wow for me ?. I can't wait to get this.. Answer this question please: Can you show me myfxbook or any login details even if it is demo just to confirm what I am seeing..? The money is to high.. Or can I rent your EA for a month, so I can backtest and see myself.. Thanks

    Thanks for your question..

     I dont waste my time on myfxbook, I cant share any of my login details...I can rent you my EA and backtest yourself...What you see is what you will get...

  8. April 6, 2019

    Will I recieve the exact EA if paid now.. Because how could a grid ea survive for 19 years without crashing...

    Mohammed , you have seen the backtest yourself...If after buying and you backtest and it crashed your account request for refund within 24 hours and we will answer you..Think about this, if our EA can make just little fund to survive for 19 years, think about how happy you will be since you know your account will be very safe with large fund...

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