Shark FX Pips With Proof

$ 2,300.00


Very happy to release this robot today 9/1/2021.

I have been in the forex industry since 2007. I have gone through the bad and the ugly. I created this robot to give back to serious traders. Traders that have lost in the forex market and want to make more money back in this industry.

Note: I am not selling this robot to a trader that wants to invest 100usd, or 200usd. My robot is not for you if you want to invest few bucks… I created this robot for traders who are willing to invest 4k minimum usd on the forex market.

This Expert advisor does not use arbitrage or breakout, it uses the combination of Trend + Hedging.

It uses stop loss to protect your capital always and also it does not use martingale but if you wish you can enable or disable the martingale..

We will give you a pre defined settings we use with this EA.

Broker and Leverage

“Shark FX PIPS” is not broker sensitive, you may chose any broker you trust to. 

Recommended leverage is 1:100 and 1:500 is even better.

And make sure your broker allows hedging and also supports withdrawal anytime. Though you can compound your profit if you like…

I dont need to talk much to sell my EA. why am I even selling my EA? Good question.. I want to make more money.

My EA does not make 100% monthly, so it makes 5-15 or 20% sometimes monthly…So more capital and 10% profit is ok. That is why i am selling my ea to invest more and compound more.

So if you want to build your account for years get my robot but if you want to double your account in a month please look for somewhere else..not here.

Do I have proof to show you that this EA works….? YES

I dont  like using myfxbook because traders like copying trades…

But i will just quickly create an account with myfxbook and upload some account just to show some proofs.


My EA is Productive..If you have lost in fx before and want to change your negative account to positive account.

Get my EA..I promise you :Full time support..

Which pair is best?
All major pairs especially trending pairs.

Do I get a refund?
Yes you get a refund, if you use according to our advise..
Because we don’t give refund if you are thinking of trading aggressively..
Like we have said. This ea not for quick rich scheme…

Can I use this EA on multiple Accounts?
Sure my friend. But you will aslo have to buy new license for each account. Don’t worry i will give small discount on that.

After Paying what next?
After payment, kindly click on the Contact Seller Button above to send me your 1 live and 1 demo account number.




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