Profit Bliss [$3,000-$50,000]

$ 2,000.00


Listen you will never see this system in the forex market..Because it does not depend on brokers spread to make money.

It uses normal Take Profit and Stop Loss to make profit every time. It is the best system that will ever change your forex career because it wins almost 80% of the time.

It also uses Auto Calculate Lotsize to increase lot size when you are making profit after profit, and once it make few losses it will reduce the lot size again.

It comes with Money Management, you dont need to set your lot size..Just attach on your account and it will automatically know the next thing to do..

Take a look at this account:

This is another screenshot:



Once you double or triple your account within few weeks please dont compound, because the EA comes with a feature that allows you to tell the EA the maximum amount you want to target while the EA is working.

For example, if you activate on $2,000 Account, you can tell ProfitBliss EA that you want target $30,000 profit.

Once this target is reached within few weeks or months, withdraw your money and re-invest again..With that you can continue producing profit again and again.

My EA is not for all, that is the reason I charge High…If you think my EA is a crap, go buy other trading systems and blow up your account, i do not care….

I dont sell my EA for LifeTime Access, this are my rules to have access to Profit Bliss EA

  • You must register through our IB HERE
  • You pay $2,000 yearly
  • We give you access to only 2 accounts Activation

If you need my help contact me, We are here to make you successful in the forex market.. Are You Ready To Become One? It is your choice!!!

Best Regards

ForexBliss Master

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