NewsBigMovement EA (Double Your Account In A Single Day )

$ 1,980.00


The best kept secret is that professionals make over 98% of their profit on news driven events!

When analysts get their forecasts wrong, the market has to quickly re-price the new information.

Getting the news when you need it is expensive. Bloomberg alone costs over $1,000 a month.

NewsBigMovement EA brings you the market moving news, the instant it happens at a much more reasonable price.

It works on MultiPair trading system at a Go!

With NewsBigMovement EA you can double your account with just one single news event..We will tell you what to trade and how to use the EA….

Just activate and leave the rest….

Check live proofs below:

If you are ready to double your account within a day trading only news event, purchase and make
your money back instantly…I will tell you what to trade and how to set it up..

Stop wasting time trading everyday…Trade once and hit it once..

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