Covert FX – Forex Trading Robot

$ 5,000.00


Covert FX is a confidence trading ea.If you have lost funds like me in forex trading, and you think forex is a scam then we are on the same page. I have lost and lost millions of funds in forex including my family and friends, including clients and investors. Forex nearly turn me into a disaster. Then I started learning to program on how to turn any strategy into a robot. Then CovertFX was born.

CovertFX is a robot that is here to stay. Covert FX is a Trend + Trend Reversal System

I don’t like saying much. Below are live account proofs and also detailed statement to see the drawdown of the account.

Covert FX is not a quick reach scheme…If you want to double your money over night…This is not for you.
This is for traders who knows the meaning of investment and willing to build their account consistently with time.
My EA is Costly because it delivers..If you cant afford the price….Then do the following below

Note: If you can turn 1k into 2k, and 2k into 5k and 5k into 10k…Then you dont need to ever look online for new or crap systems again.

You may ask me why I am selling this….Note I am not selling…It is an investment EA…The cost is per a particular period of time..So dont think I am giving you this system for ever..

The Price you see is per year. So Covert FX is for serious and dedicated traders.

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