Cent Multiplier

$ 550.00

King Of Grid



  • Minimum Funds: $50 or 5000 cent
  • VPS is a must.
  • Suitable with leverage as low as 1:200.
  • Works on any pair including gold.

-If you have a suffix (ex. CADCHF.p) the Expert Advisor will recognize it.

Frequently Asked Questions :

– Why should I trust Cent Multiplier ? – I am the creator and developer of Cent Multiplier and I have personally invested my money into my trading strategy. I believe no other developers selling his systems here are investing more than couple of thousands in his own strategy. I am showing real results, with real trades not only back tests.

– Why am I selling Cent Multiplier if it’s working? – Rephrasing the question – Why successful mutual funds, invest funds, pension funds are still accepting new investors?   It is very simple – I am benefiting from the performance of the Cent Multiplier and on top, I am also generating additional incomes from selling my knowledge and experience build in the trading interface and I believe it is fair enough.

– I have heard a working trading system would stop working if many traders start to using it. Is it true? – Absolutely not and the explanation is very simple – Cent Multiplier works for a long term..And if any updates is available it will be sent to your mail!!

 This licence you are about to purchase works on 2 live accounts and 1 demo accounts

After payment, you will receive your ea within 30 minutes except I am sleeping!!!

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