1. Anyone can be a seller on fxloaded market area. But you must be real, so click to register as a vendor
  2. Read here on how to become a vendor
  3. Fxloaded team will check all the info you have submitted to verify you are real.
  4. To confirm your identity, users need to provide a photograph of one of the following documents:
    • passport (double-page spread);
    • ID card or identity certificate (front side);
    • driver’s license (front side).
  5. Document photographs should meet the following requirements:
    • photographs should be in color;
    • photographs should be uncut — all edges of a document should be visible;
    • a document should occupy more than 50% of the photograph area;
    • a photograph should be clear; a text should be legible and easy to read;
    • editing photographs using image-processing applications is not allowed.
  6. Fxloaded may refuse to register a user as a Seller without any explanation.
  7. Fxloaded may at any time cancel the “Seller” status of a User without any explanation.
  8. When registering as a Seller, all information should be submitted in English.
  9. After registration, the Seller’s name is publicly available in the Seller’s Profile.
  10. Fxloaded agrees not to disclose the Seller’s additional personal information to any third party, except at the request of the relevant state bodies authorized to receive such information.
  11. The Seller shall provide true personal information during registration.
  12. The Seller has the right to distribute products at no cost (free of charge) through the Market Service.
  13. The Seller shall endeavor to provide all necessary information about the Product for its proper operation.
  14. The Seller shall fix all critical errors detected in the Product for free to help buyers.
  15. The Seller shall not use spam to promote Products on the Market via third-party services. Upon detection of spam, the Seller’s account will be blocked and all his or her Products will be removed from the Market.
  16. The Seller may remove his or her Product from the Market showcase to fix any detected errors or stop publishing any further products on the Market altogether. All Buyers of a removed Product can still download and install it in their MetaTrader platforms within the available number of activations.
  17. Fxloaded charges 19% from the cost of his product per sale.
  18. If your buyer paid through credit card, you will recieve your payment after 20 days because credit card company try to verify if their is no fraud on the credit card used, but no worries we wont release your fund to buyer anymore since the 24 hours mark is over. If your buyer paid using Bitcoin, Skrill or Paypal, your payment will be released to you after 24 hours.
  19. So make sure you specify in your product area, if you want to recieve payment from buyer through credit card or bitcoin, we are also trying to add more payment system soon.
  20. If you product include a video, you can send us the link of the video here : And once we download it, we can upload into our youtube channel and give you a new link to use.  
  21. Use this Tool to record your screen for buyers to understand how your system works: Dowload Filmora


  1. Anyone can become a buyer , if he/she is interested in buying a trading system.
  2. Read here on what to do after payment
  3. The Buyer has no right to resell the purchased Product either through the Market service or in any other way.
  4. Purchasing a Product does not mean buying rights to it. The Product is transferred to the Buyer for personal use only.
  5. If complaints about the purchased Product arise, the Buyer should contact the Seller first to clarify the issue.
  6. The Buyer has the right to require correction of a critical error detected in the Product, resulting in the early termination of the Product operation. If the Product does not meet the stated functionality, the Buyer has the right to require the Seller to make appropriate modifications in the Product.
  7. The Buyer shall provide the Seller all information necessary for reproducing and fixing errors . Claims of general type, such as “It does not work”, “it does not make money like the seller promised,” etc., shall not be considered.
  8. The Buyer has the right to use the Product in accordance with the specified limited number of its installations.
  9. The Buyer has no right to decompile the Product or apply to third parties for the Product decompilation. Attempts to decompile, regardless of the result, will be considered violations of the Rules of the Product use.
  10. The Buyer has the right to receive free Product upgrades. Except the new upgrade is not free from the seller

Refund Policy

Fxloaded is not a payment system, so it wont provide any refund. But if a seller does not deliver your product within 24 hours after you have purchased from him/her, you will be refunded immidiately. 

Also if you paid for a signal service and at anytime the provider of the signal service does not deliver any information regarding the signal to you within 24 hours your funds will be returned.

Note: All sellers of either product or signals services should know that money wont be released until after 24 hours and the buyer have confirmed he recieved what he paid for.

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