fxstabilizer review

FXstabilizer Ea Overview

Website: fxstabilizer website
Price: starting from $539
Live Account: Yes but suspicious
Refund: None
Free Trial:  None

Fxstabilizer forex robot is a popular forex robot among others and it has been around for quite a number of years.

I have personally used fxstabilizer and that will make this review quite accurate and straight forward.

with a live account proof on fxstabilizer website and lots of backtest performance proof; you could think it’s safe to jump on this robot.

I thought so when I bought it as well, only to discover I was wrong.

I didn’t lose my money, but I didn’t make a dime as well. it’s just a robot to keep your account in a stable position, with no profits, and no losses. (lol)

let me get to some important of this review.

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FXstabilizer Strategy (Explained)


there nothing to say here because the strategy guiding this system is not revealed by the creator.  This is an excerpt from the website;

“Our robot very accurately calculates the best situation to open trades. It does everything to close trades in profit. Also, the EA is equipped with mechanism of absolute trading security so that as a last resort the loss will be stopped at that part of deposit you’re ready to risk”.

FxStabilizer has a Back Testing Proof (yeah)

there are a lot of backtesting and historical trading reports on the website that could make you think you are about to buy a reasonable forex robot.
look well and you would see the results are gamed and blind your eyes to believe the one-sided truth that the robot has never crashed a trading account.

The other side that looks hidden is that the profits margin during the test is not reasonable considering the fact that I have bought and tested this forex robot myself.

The FxStabilizer ea Has A Live Account (but very suspicious)

Going by the results on the website; the live accounts are doing well. 

but based on what I have with me, Fxstabilizer is not making profits.

Summary (Real Live Account Available, But No Refund)

Should I be telling you to go on and buy the fxstabilizer ea? yeah sure, you can try them out.

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