Warnings and Suspension

Fxloaded.com forum is moderated by fxloaded.com moderators. Moderators reserve the right not to publish postings that are deemed offensive, illegal or otherwise unsuitable. Should a posting to fxloaded.com forum be deemed objectionable, the moderator will contact the author, explain the reasons and encourage the participant to revise the posting so that it is acceptable.Forum rules apply to all types of texts and images, published anywhere on the forum.

If forum participants violate the forum rules, the moderator can issue a warning to them. A user who disagrees with the moderator’s decision should contact support@fxloaded.com. If participants violate the rules for which they have already received warning, they may be banned with no notice or get limited access to the forum functions.


  1. Do NOT publish any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive or, otherwise, violative of any law.
  2. Registration and /or use of multiple accounts (nicknames) by one person is prohibited. Additionally, it is forbidden to offer an already registered user to register again as a referral.
  3. Do Not Duplicate topics/messages or multiple posting of identical/similar messages because it is prohibited.
  4. Do NOT accuse someone of scamming in any forum topic without providing any proof. 
  5. Do NOT create SPAM posts!
  6. Do NOT create short messages! All forum topics and forum replies must contain minimum 24 words. (When you creating a forum topic or a reply, always be detailed as much as possible)
  7. Do NOT distribute copyrighted software, e-books, articles etc.
  8. Do NOT post articles without linking to the original source. 
  9. Do NOT reply if it is unnecessary; posting senseless or/and incoherence messages not allowed. 
  10. Do NOT post incorrect forum, section or thread. Nonsense forum posts are not allowed.
  11. Do NOT start topics with similar content, duplicating/multiplying posts.
  12. Do NOT abuse the text markers or/and “Caps Lock”.
  13. Do NOT publish private data. passwords, banking details, email address, documents copies etc…
  14. Do NOT copy and paste content from another website. (Always use the built-in formatting tool buttons)
  15.  The administration reserves the right to deny access to the forum for a user with a nickname that looks or sounds similar to an existing one, contains advertising, contains a name of a commercial project, or does not meet ethical standards.
  16. Do NOT publish emotional groundless accusations against other persons or the company.
  17. Users can edit and delete their messages within 60 minutes after publication. If you dont want people to see your topic again, just set it to privacy.
  18. Do NOT upload big files (Maximum is 500kb). To upload big files use services like dropbox.com and others.



  1. Unauthorized advertising in unsuitable sections is prohibited.
  2. Advertising of forums, chats, and social networks, brokers, vps for traders is forbidden.
  3. It is prohibited to place one’s commercial offers in other people’s threads.
  4. It is prohibited to distribute illegal software and discuss methods of hacking.
  5. It is forbidden to ask forum users to confirm their trading results by providing evidence of trading on their personal trading accounts. If you want to buy or sell any trading systems or signal, you can do that on fxloaded.com market and signal area.

Note: If you create a forum topic for advertising purposes in any forum section, you must make your topic STICKY otherwise, your topic will be deleted and you will be suspended to create further forum posts. There are no exceptions! To make it STICKY contact support@fxloaded.com

Thank you for sharing your strategies on our forum to help all traders all over the world!

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