Forex Robotron Review

Forex Robotron EA Overview

Website: Forex Robotron
Price: $299 to $999
Refund: None
Installation Support: Available
Strategy: Not available
Number of traders per day: 1 to 2 trades per day
Fully Automated: Yes
Trading Platform: MT4
Backtest: None
Live Account: Yes
Historical ROI: over 100% (it is questionable)

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In this post, I am going to review the forex Robotron forex robot.
It can give incredible results, it can turn $500 into over $1,109,229,975 using only a minimum 5 percent risk per trade according to report posted on the website

The robot can make huge gains from the low deposit and it can close most trades dynamically which reduces the risk of flaws.

The forex robot which I love to use is developed and tested using variables such as real slippage, real tick data from dukes copy with real commissions on every trade, which provided the best test conditions during its development and testing phase.

It’s better than other robots as it is safe, secure, and very profitable and trades major currency pairs i.e. EURUSD and GBPUSD major currency pairs with all suitable spreads and superb results.


Forex Robotron trades with stop loss, low risk, high consistency, and accuracy. It was developed for Meta trader 4 and trades currency with the lowest spread plenty of liquidity on all forex broker. Its setting is perfect and automatically sets GMT, magic numbers only setting you to need to change is the lot or risk size. Its 80 percent winning rate allows to quickly build up the account equity.
Robotron can predict a change in the market and get out of the trade-in advance. Its loses are not so big and do not eat up all of your profits. It uses its default settings on all 4 pairs shows how reliable the strategy is and can make 80+ consecutively winning streaks and it is suitable for every trader.


It has been tested under perfect test conditions and achieved 80 percent winning results with low lost results.
Results on the forex Robotron website shows a small deposit of just $500 turn into over $1,109,229,975 using only 5% maximum risk.
Trading multiple pairs add up your portfolio one could achieve and fantastic gains. With a small amount deposit less than five percent risk.
These accurate results are achieved using real tick data, real variable spreads, slippage and including for each trade then everyone will agree that this forex robot is the best to use and software must use forex robots, real variables for better results. It does not hedge, there is no martingale or grid strategy and no-arbitrage.
It has an easily understandable manual for a fast setup. Trading currency pairs have the best trading conditions to a testimonial on its website shows its happy customers making substantial profits.

Summary (Worth Trying)

There is no reason for not using the Forex Robotron because it is a huge success and proven with its performance over time. It is easy to set up and does not martingale, hedge or have grid strategy and also have a good frequency of trades. It is an automated system that takes the responsibility of earning some good money for you though it is advised to use any Forex Robot on an ECN forex broker because of low spreads, liquidity, and execution speed.

While You Decide To Buy Or Not Buy the Forex Forex Robotron Bot: Here Are Some Helpful Information That Could Aid Your Success In Trading.

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