Forex Gold Investor Review

Forex Gold Investor Review

Price: $197
Refund: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Installation Support: Yes
Strategy: Not Explained
Number of traders per day: not specified
Currency pairs: Gold
Fully Automated: Yes
Trading Platform: Only MT4 
Backtest: Yes
Live Account: YEs
Historical ROI: 4% ROI every month since AUG 2018

Welcome dear trader to my blog.

In this article, I will do the forex gold investor review.

The forex gold robot has a beautiful looking website. While I know that the beauty of a website doesn’t determine its authenticity, the forex gold investor matches style with a good product.

A quick look at the important things especially the availability of a live account shows that this EA has trustworthiness written all over it.

Really? yes.

From the availability of a live account and backtest proof to the provision of a refund policy. The pricing is also on the low side.

The only stone in its rice is the fact that the strategy employed is not explained.

but, the future is quite bright for this robot. Read on

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Forex Gold Strategy Review

The strategy employed is clearly unknown. The only close statement to this on the website is here below;

“Forex GOLD Investor is “set and forget”. Install and execute the EA. Our adaptive algorithm will take care of the rest”.

Therefore one cant tell what their secret algorithm is and if it’s truly dependable.


Back Testing(available)

The forex gold investor automated robot did a good job to provide a backtest report of their system. The results are quite okay.
Look here to see the results.

Live Results (available and satisfactory)

This is one system that wowed me. The results on the live account are quite fine as well with a low drawdown of 21%.

This is the single most important part of my review of any trading system. A live proof turns me on.

Should I Buy Forex Gold Investor Robot?

Are you seriously asking me that? lol, you got two minds.

Do not laugh when you read this line that says I got two minds as well; just like you. (winks)

Well, let’s come out straight, the results are clear. The Forex Gold investor robot is a good one.

Buy it.

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