Econ power trader Fx Robot Overview

Website: econ-power-trader
Price: $297/1 year and $497/Lifetime
Refund: Yes
Installation Support: Available

Strategy: News Trading
Currency pairs: All currency pairs
Fully Automated: Yes
Trading Platform: MT4
Backtest: None
Live Account: None
Historical ROI: 1700% ROI every month for the last 3 years

Econ power trader forex robot by leapfx development team.
They claim econ power profit generation is almost 1500% in just a few months, which is a huge gain, and a small fraction of this amount would be a large gain.
For forex trading, the demo account “my fx book” leapfx for econ power has done almost 2000% in under a year.
The conditions (spreads/slippage) are different for demo account then real account especially when using, news trading system such as that in cooperated by forex power trader

Econ power trading strategy

It is an automated trading system that basically does all of the tradings for you.
It will place and manages the trade for you, all you need is setup econ power trader on your demo or real account, but you are advised to start on a demo account first.
Econ power takes advantage of big spikes in the market around forex news releases.
ECN forex broker is highly recommended for best trading and to increase the chance of success using an econ power trader robot.
It uses adaptive intelligent trading technology (AINTT) making a great number of pips from a winning trade than a losing trade by using a right stop-loss which gives a favorable risk to reward ratio.
In short, the econ power trader is a news straddle trader. It uses a different strategy to identify the high impact news for any given day, then pending orders I utilized above and below the current price action.
Econ power avoids using dangerous grid or martingale money management strategies.

Backtesting (Not Available)

It is impossible to get accurate backtesting results as market news releases are highly unpredictable even with real data, real spreads and real slippage, it would be impossible to copy market release for which you need a ton of historical news data with a correct timestamp for the tick data you are testing.
This is why leapfx does not have to backtest for econ power trader, but to get an idea of what to experts with this forex robot they have a live my fx book verified accounts.

Live Results

The robot does not have a verified and existing live account.

Summary (Don’t Buy)

Though it provides full support, updates, full detailed instructions guaranteed and has great potential to mimic trading news releases and it has the best possible trading conditions required to make news trading a success.
As news releases can go fast and far so it is suggested to start with very small lot sizes to test the waters with econ power trader.
There is no clear evidence to support the results displayed on the vendor website

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