Can a trader survive? Failure rate is  about 95%. But can a trader survive 5% will..

YES traders can survive….

Now from those 5% of the successful traders if you ask them can a grid trader survive most will jump and say no? most of them…..

Cause they have not found a way to survive from grid trading. Being in the 5% does not necessarily make you a “know all” in trading….and even if you trade for over 20 years still does not make you a “know all”……

Of course you know more than a newbie…cause you have done more mistakes and even tried more methods…etc…etc……But very far from knowing all….

Cause a trader is only successful “an expert” in his way of trading.. There are millions off ways, millions of combinations and no 2 traders trade the same system the same way so you can imagine…..

Grid trading—–what type of grid trading?

One direction grid trading?

Bi- directional grid trading?

Using martingale or not?

There are all kinds of combinations…..

Ok…to make a long story short…..YES grid trading can be very successful (my opinion) with very small risk also…..but then again you have to find the way to trade it that way…..and someone may never find it…..

I believe there is no impossible in trading just because someone cannot do it..or says it cannot be done….there is always someone that does do it in the end…..

Find a method that you feel comfortable with and try to perfect it….make it yours….


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