Benefit EA Review

Benefit EA Overview

Price: starts at €1000
Refund: None
Installation Support: Available
Strategy: Grid
Number of traders per day: N/A
Currency pairs: All
Fully Automated: No
Trading Platform: MT4 and MT5
Backtest: video backtest
Live Account: Yes
Historical ROI: 10-15% ROI every month.

This article is about Benefit EA. The highlight of the forex robot particularly is the live verified results and it shows monthly returns that are above 50%. Benefit Expert Advisor is the full form of Benefit EA as it is another name for the forex robot.
It’s an indicator that works both on MT4 and MT5 Platforms.


It includes a virtual profit that is not visible to the broke. How the trading system inbuilt is difficult and a little complex.

The take profit is calculated by a series of trades, which means mathematics is an important factor in its trade logic.

The take profit levels are adjusted continuously according to the dynamic price movement as the trailing stop feature. It is necessary to know how the system works but unfortunately, they did not provide any detail.

Although the system has a verified and real-life account on the official website of Benefit EA.

The system adjusts to the market conditions and types whether it is ranging, high low volatility or trending. Market entry is done to get the best possible prices as it trades on pullbacks within trend corrections.

Benefit EA waits for the perfect opportunity to get the high frequency when it comes to accurate trades, in case of a market that is not trending. The risk factor is minimized on the account as it has a protection system placed to emphasize on good money management.

Update by developers

Advantage EA is an adaptable grid Expert Advisor that doesn’t utilize any indicators and The EA doesn’t utilize stop loss. All trades are closed by taking the benefit or trailing stops. It is conceivable to design the lot increase. The “Time Filter” function is set according to the internal time of the terminal as per the displayed time of the instrument’s server, not the operating system (can match).
100% automation is been allowed for trading process, without manual intervention and management
The “time filter” status is displayed as a text in the upper left corner of the trading window.
There are various settings for experts and an adaptable system of settings for various trading styles.
“Selling short”, “scalping”, “Trading flat”, etc. There are buttons for semiautomatic trading.
You can block the operation by using the buttons of one or both trade
Text notifications on the trade blocking status are available. Trading any instrument on any timeframe in automatic or semiautomatic mode. Situations of connection losses are handled accordingly and do not affect the trading process.
The by default EA settings are for GBPUSD H1 5000 1:500.
Base deposit: 5000-10000 (depending on the instrument) • Leverage: 1:20-1000 • Timeframe: M1, M5, M15, H1 • Recommended currency pairs: GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURUSD, EURJPY, USDCAD, USDCHF, AUDUSD
Benefit EA Back Testing
They have a video backtest on website

LIVE is Also Available on Website


It can be concluded that the most profitable yet aggressive trading system is Benefit EA. Also, it is said that the gains can be claimed by about 50% per month and 200% per month with the lowest risk. All you need is a running computer or a laptop or you can either run at a virtual private server (vps) as the system runs 24/5.

The benefit Ea looks like one good EA to try if you are not low on cash

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