The 10 Best Forex Robots of 2022 – (I Reviewed 500 ROBOTS)

The 10 Best Forex Robots of 2022 – (I Reviewed 500 ROBOTS)

The 10 Best Forex Robots of 2022 – (I Reviewed 500 ROBOTS)

Two Years Ago, I lost $10,000 to a Forex Robot

Hi guys; my name is Lincoln, and I am so happy to put out this article in 2022.

Starting from last year; I started reviewing forex robots and expert advisors and I can say that I have single-handedly reviewed not less than 500 forex robots and expert advisors.

But only a few of these systems made it to my blog, and that’s because over 400 of those systems were pure crap and a waste of time.

The noise is too much, so many people creating crap forex trading expert advisors just to rip people off their hard-earned money.

Just 2 years ago; I lost $10,000 to a forex trading robot.

2022 is the year where we all need to make the right decisions especially when it comes to investing as the world has come to a halt from a series of coronavirus lockdowns. Investing is no longer an option, it’s a must.

So many people are flooding into the forex trading market trying to invest but few come out alive. ( I mean, with profits)


I read a meme online that says;

“I introduced my landlord to forex trading; and a few weeks later, we are both looking for an apartment to rent”.


Lol; that’s only one out of thousands of people who have lost thousands of dollars to forex trading.

For you and I, we are making an informed decision in 2022. ( you can say that again)

many traders have failed simply because they are using the wrong tools, wrong forex robots, wrong expert advisors, and the wrong trading mentality.

In this article; I will unveil the best forex robots of 2022

If you have decided on buying a forex robot or expert advisor that makes real pips and good profits in 2022; then you are going to benefit from my work which has taken over 365 days as I started reviewing forex robots and expert advisors last year

What is the best Forex Robot Available in 2022

These are are the best forex robots I found after I reviewed 500 others.

  1. The Profit Forex Robot –
  2. The Big-Boy Forex Robot – 
  3. The Aggressive Doubler
  4. Covert Fx
  5. News Big Movement EA
  6. Range money Maker
  7. Forex Gold Investor
  8. Unlimited Steady ROI Robot
  9. Forex Diamond
  10. Endless Pips Robot
  11. The Shark FX Pips

Now; let’s Have A Detailed Review of these Trading Robots Below

1. The Profit Robot –

This is one of the best forex robots right now.

The profit robot is a hot cake because it offers a free trial for all traders.

Here are works from the creators

“I am putting these here for the greedy ones and for the sake of transparency as I cherish my credibility as trust is rare nowadays. If I really want you to be successful, then we need to be on the same page.

Therefore, expect from %5 to 40% ROI every month.  I still need to make some things clear here, please don’t buy this with a mindset of %40 ROI Monthly.

There were months where I risked less and still did %40 ROI because the market was quite very nice in those months.

The last time I did 80%, I almost crashed a $30000 account because it was a very greedy and aggressive approach.

Why don’t you have in mind that what you are looking for is %5-10% every month with very low risks?, that means on a minimum, you will be having %50-100% ROi in 10 months.

The market is very nice sometimes and you could do be doing amazing figures of ROI in just 1 month.

What I can guarantee is that:
1. This is the same system I am using to manage accounts for my very happy clients.
2. If you follow all instructions, you will never have a case of crashing your account.
3. You will always end the month on a profit.
4. You will understand the working principle and strategy behind this robot before using it.
5. You could do 40% a month, you could do less, but %5 is the least from experience.
6. This stuff works!!!! “



2. The Big Boy Forex Robot


Big Boy Forex Robot


In all my time spent reviewing forex robots; this particular system adopts a very funny approach to everything. Even the marketing and name adopted seems funny.

The creator of this robot says; this robot is for big boys.

Not like I was a big boy myself (lol. because I am short), I bought this system and tried it on my own.

While the promise of 80% ROI was not achieved, it is a very consistent forex robot with amazing results.

I have also seen contrary opinion online especially from bloggers that did not even try the robot at all.

I am presently in the telegram group of the vendor and over 150 forex traders are in there giving a positive review about the big boy forex robot and that’s why it is on my list of the best forex robots of 2022.

Considering Buying The Big Forex Robot? – Click on the big boy robot website.


3. Aggressive Doubler

This forex robot appears to be the most sought-after forex robot on this website.

I guess because forex traders are generally greedy. (lol, me too)

The name makes you wanna buy right? Well, it’s not just the name but the results. 

Yes, this is an aggressive system, therefore some caution is required.

Over 40 people have bought this system and 35 accounts are positive so far.

A full support manual is delivered upon purchase.

Buy Here (Aggresive doubler robot)


 4. Covert Fx

Covert FX

Another pretty expensive forex robot.

This robot employs a trend + reversal trading strategy.

and it is not anything like the above forex robots because it’s not a fast profit system.

This robot is specifically for those that have lost some money in forex and aiming to get back at the market.

The minimum account required to trade with this robot is $3000

and some specific brokers and VPS are recommended by the vendor.

Account proofs are on the product page and over 29 people are using this robot profitably.

You wanna join them? – Buy the Covert Fx here.


5. News Big Movement

news big movement robot review

I am a fan of news trading. Every year, I work on several techniques to game news releases. 

You know every time, you see some big spikes in the forex market.

These spikes sometimes happen within few seconds and in my experience; I have seen pips movement up to 2000 pips.

I can’t stop imagining if I could create a system that can convert news spikes into profits.

We can be talking about doubling accounts in a matter of minutes. I was successful once and failed on every other occasion.

Yep, I have not been successful, but there’s something better especially for news enthusiasts like me.

It’s called The News Big Movement Ea. This expert advisor is a news killer and I can’t help not placing it on my review of the best forex robots of 2022.

I rate this system very high and thankfully; the results are amazing.

Make sure you apply for a discount before buying here


6. Range Money Maker

range money maker robot


Another outstanding forex robot from the makers of the big boy forex robot.

This system is built on the principle of ranging market conditions and breakouts. It employs some smart hedging strategy that executes all trades on automation.

It’s an opportunity finder robot; always looking for range and breakouts.

The range money maker is also fully automated with excellent results.

live myfxbook results can also be seen on the website.

Looking to buy the Range Money Maker? Visit the website


7. Forex Gold Investor Ea

Forex Gold Investor Review


Gold is popular among traders. but the problem is volatility.

From my personal experience trading gold, it’s a difficult currency to trade.

The creators of the “Forex Gold Investor Ea” have done a good job on this amazing expert advisor.

A beautiful website for a beautiful forex bot is worth mentioning, and I can say that they have one of the best websites out of all the robots that I have reviewed.

You can guarantee that this system makes trades every day and a smart algorithm is put in place to keep you in profit.

Another good thing to mention here is the pricing which is not on a very high side compared to what I have on this list.

So, yeah the forex Gold investor Ea is a pretty profitable system to have in 2022.

Buy the forex gold investor ea here


8. The Unlimited Steady ROI Bot


I found this ea by chance. I subscribed to a “black hat” site where I get Free Forex Robot codes. Luckily I was sent this system and it’s a win-win situation.

I got the free version until it stopped working when the vendor released another version and changed the name.

Now, let me get back to wearing my “white hat”. 

UNLIMITED Steady ROI EA is a 100% adaptive expert advisor based on price movement. 

It has a built-in unique Smart Recovery algorithm.

This is for those, who are looking for steady and stable growth over the long run.

The system places the trades based on the trend. 

Check the Unlimited Steady ROI EA here


9. Forex Diamond


Forex Diamond Review


This is a forex robot that is compatible with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

The forex diamond is not coded on just one strategy and that makes a lot of sense.

That means it’s reliable on any currency pair as the strategy employed for each market situation differs.

Another good thing is a live myfxbook live account proof that appears on the website.

Not all the bots that I have reviewed have a live account, but this is a really good one.

Pricing of $207 is also good to work with.

Buy the Forex Diamond Here.

10. The endless pips robot

Another tool I stumbled by some rigorous research and chance.

The name sounds familiar with a popular forex robot back in 2010, but I am still trying to confirm from the vendor.

I am still using the free version and I am testing on my demo accounts which are doing well. Moving to a live account soonest.

this is a forex robot worth trying in 2022 as well.

Visit the endless pips robot blog here.


11. The Shark FX Pips

Shark FX Pips


Thankfully we have a robot that I think suits everyone with a promise of between 5-15% ROI monthly.

A good refund policy and a live account proof are provided by the creator of the shark fx pips.

It employs trend and hedging as its basic strategy.

This is a system that you can safely put your money on with a very low drawdown recorded.

It trades all currency pairs and can even trade them simultaneously leading to more trading opportunities.

The shark Fx Pips Robot Price is $2300. Get it here.

Do forex robots really work?

Answer: Yes, they do;

I have personally made good profits trading with forex robots and expert advisors.

Not to hide the facts; I have also lost money trading with them.

The bottom line is one has to choose the right forex robots and that’s why after I have reviewed over 500 eas, I have come up with the top 10 best forex robots that you can pick from in this article.

How much does a forex robot cost?

Forex robots come at different prices. Some are free while some are paid.

the problem is not usually the cost but the work it can do on your forex trading account.

So, whether you are using a free forex robot or a paid forex robot, it must be a profitable one.

Are Forex Bots Legal?

Yes, especially in 2022; where the world is moving towards automation every day.

Almost every forex broker allows for the use of forex bots on their platforms. but again, the problem is not in the legality but efficiency. you need to use a working forex bot that makes real profits.

Difference between forex robots and expert advisors

While forex robots and expert advisors are programmed; usually in the languages of MQL4 And MQL5, forex robots are typically fully automated and are expected to trade your account on complete auto.

Yes, expert advisors are programmed too, but they are mostly built to help advise traders on the best trading decisions to make, which makes them like an advisor or a signal alert. The trader on the receiving end will be the one to make the trades manually.

Therefore it’s not wrong to say that forex robots run on full automation while expert advisors are semi-automated.

but importantly; most times; the two terms are used interchangeably.


How do You Buy A Forex Robot – 8 Things to consider when buying a forex robot.

as in my previous reviews, I have always said that there are many profitable unmarketed forex robots and expert advisors out there.

To be honest, most creators would prefer not to sell or sell at high prices, and that’s why we have seen more vendors embracing the rent system where traders are not allowed to buy but can only rent a particular software for some time.

It is also not uncommon to buy completely crap well-marketed forex robots.

therefore you need to be on the lookout before buying a forex robot.

I typically lookout for the combination of the list below: 

#1 Live account

 A live account is an ultimate verifier of how well a forex robot is performing. that’s always the first thing to look for. It’s always hosted on myfxbook, myfxblue, or mql5.

Some other bot creators would even go as far as giving you an investor account so you can log in and see for yourself. Others use picture proof which is mostly unreliable cos you won’t be able to verify

#2 Backtest Results 

a backtest can come in picture, video, or web page format. It’s a good thing to be able to simulate how a forex robot has performed in the past years or on particular currency pairs, and that’s the reason for backtesting. It gives you an insight into how viable a system can be simulating it with previous market conditions.

#3 Contact Person and Support 

You should be able to contact the vendor and ask questions before buying. This is something I love the most.

#4 Draw Down

Drawdown simply means the measure of decline or reduction in your invested capital. A robot with a low drawdown would mean it’s a less risky robot.

#5 Pricing 

Price is a determinant as well. Customers like me wouldn’t buy cheap things; I somehow believe that you should not be selling a money-making strategy for cheap but this not always true. on the other hand, you should have a budget in mind. stick to your budget and do not suck your pocket dry. Forex is damn risky.

#6 Refunds

While most vendors won’t issue refunds because forex is a risky business. It’s a good thing that some forex robot creators have been able to boast good refund policies on their website. so you should be looking out for that too.

#7 Strategy 

I also like to know what strategy a robot employs. I can’t be giving my $20,000 to a robot that I cant certify its smartness. it is like giving money to a stranger. 

#8 Promised results in terms of ROI

 this the part that drives most traders crazy and you need to be careful. promise doesn’t always match the result. Forex is different for everybody. Forex is risky, and the truth is hard to find.

Conclusion on The Best Forex Robot of 2022

Some robots reviewed have all the information combined while some have just a few,

apart from my review above, make sure you are buying what suits you and your budget. (don’t be greedy like me)

Do you think there’s something I mix? drop a comment below

do well to check the shop area; you would find good forex robots in there


Big Boy Forex Robot Review ( A Proven System)

Big Boy Forex Robot Review ( A Proven System)

Big Boy Forex Robot Review ( A Proven System)

Big Boy Forex Trading Robot Review

Price: $250 – $2500
Refund: Yes
Installation Support: Yes
Strategy: Grid + Reversal
Number of traders per day: Few
Currency pairs: MAjor Currency pairs
Fully Automated: Yes
Trading Platform: MT4
Backtest: Yes
Live Account: Yes
Historical ROI: 65% ROI Monthly

This forex robot adopts a really funny nomenclature; “The Big Boy Forex Robot”.

Though funny, one can easily tell this is a serious money-making forex robot with over 65% monthly ROI and a low drawdown of just 17%.

There’s a backtest proof on the website and also a live account which caught me by surprise. The pricing is quite on the high side with the lifetime license going for over $2500.

Everything about this robot is perfect and another funny info is on the website where it says the robot is actually for big boy forex traders as they do not expect traders to invest small money with their robot. I find that funny as well.

Let’s get serious with the review here below.

Are you going to give your money to this robot? you better not.

do well to check out my review of the best forex trading robots right now 

Big Boy Forex Robot Strategy Review

This is the only grey area about this robot. I tried to get to know the strategy employed by this robot and truth be told, I didn’t find much.
I had to contact the creator and I was told that the robot employs a grid and reversal trading system.
More explanation can be found in the manual that comes with the robot.

Back Testing(available)

Yeah, lots of backtest results can be found on the website. from videos to picture results and that’s always a good sign. The claims are quite loud though.
from $2o00 to $12000 in a space of three months needs to be verified.

but its still a good one as they provided 2 live account results that came close to such promises

Live Results (65% ROI Monthly)

This is what got me really convinced. apart from the good result, the drawdown is really low.
I downloaded the robot and got a lot of support from the admin. Its looking really great. and this is one of the few forex systems I can recommend for anyone

Should I Buy Big Boy Forex Robot?

Here comes the big question again.

but yeah, its easy to answer this time; I recommend that you buy the big boy forex robot; I have bought and used it on my account as well.

Check out The FXLoaded Robot Market
Read my review of the forex fury review
Also Read the Forex Steam Review

And if you have questions, do not hesitate to use the contact page.

Forex Arcanum Review

Forex Arcanum Review

Forex Arcanum Review

Forex Fury Review

Price: $19
Refund: None
Installation Support: Yes
Strategy: Not Explained
Number of traders per day: Noot available
Currency pairs: all major pairs
Fully Automated: This is a signal system
Trading Platform: MT4 
Backtest: None
Live Account: None
Historical ROI: Not available


First, note that the forex arcanum is not a robot but a system used to analyze current market situations and then sends a signal.

Therefore there is no live account or backtest proof available for this system.

The forex arcanum has pretty cheap pricing of just $19 and although the strategy employed is not fully explicit; they made mention of three styles of trading which are conservative, aggressive, and standard trading styles.

do well to check out my review of the best forex trading robots right now

More details about the forex arcanum will be updated shortly.

Should I Buy Forex arcanum?

Yeah, do.
It’s a good system.

Check out The Forex Fury Review
forex steam review

And if you have questions, do not hesitate to use the contact page.

Forex Fury Review

Forex Fury Review

Forex Fury Review

Forex Fury Review

Price: $439
Refund: None
Installation Support: Yes
Strategy: Not Explained
Number of traders per day: at least 5 trades daily
Currency pairs: all major pairs
Fully Automated: Yes
Trading Platform: MT4 and MT5
Backtest: None
Live Account: Live Account
Historical ROI: Well above 8% monthly ROI


Forex fury seems like a smart trading system at a glance. Everything looks good really. A good website, pretty nice pricing, and then a live account to back it all up.
the only con is the lack of a clear explanation of the strategy been employed by this forex robot. Apart from that, we talking about a good forex robot at hand here.

do well to check out my review of the best forex trading robots right now

Forex Fury Strategy Review

The creators didn’t put anything out regarding the trading strategy. Either scalping, price action, or if any kind of indicator or algorithm is employed.

That won’t be a problem in this review because I got what I needed in terms of live proof results.


Back Testing(nil)

No real backtest result on the website just some bunch of demo accounts in there.

Live Results (Available)

This is a good one. the forex fury got a live account proof and that’s the most important for any credible forex robot.

Should I Buy Forex Steam?

Yeah, do. 
It’s a good system.

Check out The FXLoaded Robot Market
Read my review of the fx gold investor robot
Also Read the FxCharger robot Review

And if you have questions, do not hesitate to use the contact page.

Forex Steam Review

Forex Steam Review

Forex Steam Review

Forex Steam Robot Overview

Price: $177
Refund: None
Installation Support: Yes
Strategy: Not Explained
Number of traders per day: opens trade every day
Currency pairs: Not Explained
Fully Automated: Yes
Trading Platform: MT4
Backtest: None
Live Account: None
Historical ROI: Not Available

Look at the details I revealed above. This robot is a scam robot. No backtest proof, no live account proof, the strategy not explained, and cheap pricing.
Don’t let them use your money to go clubbing on weekends.

It doesn’t surprise me to find a forex robot like this with a lot of marketing but no positive results.

I do not have much to say about this robot, but I still need to make a professional forex steam robot review. It hurts me that I still need to use my precious time on this good for nothing forex robot.

Are you going to give your money to this robot? you better not.

do well to check out my review of the best forex trading robots right now 

Forex Steam Strategy Review

Nothing to explain here.

The forex steam robot does not have any strategy detail on its website. Read the closest information I found on the website below;

“The Steam retrace technology is the most effective way to secure wins, and limit losses.
This tech has been part of our software for 10 years, and we’ve updated it hundreds of times to ensure that it remains the best in the market. This tech in conjunction with our low-risk trading approach, is perfect for any level of trader, with any level of expertise.
This parameter is bound to grow your account fast”.


Back Testing(nil)

No real backtest result on the website as far as I am concerned. so, better run for your life.

Live Results (Unavailable)

while I was searching for a live account proof on the website; this is what I got here below.


Should I Buy Forex Steam?

Seriously? you still need me to tell you what to do about this robot?

Trash the idea of buying it and spend your money on a cool date.

If you have some $117 to dash out; then it should not be a problem.

Check out The FXLoaded Robot Market
Read my review of the fx gold investor robot
Also Read the FxCharger robot Review

And if you have questions, do not hesitate to use the contact page.

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