1000 pip builder Review

1000 Pip Builder Signal Overview

Website: 1000 pipbuilder Website
Price: $97 – $697
Live Account: No Verified Live Account On Myfxbook
Refund: None
Free Trial:  None

Hi fam, its Lincoln once again and this time I will be looking through the 1000pipbuilder signal service with my always-critical eyes and mind.

The 1000pip builder is a forex signal service where you need to pay some monthly subscription of $97 to get access to copy their signal service.

It promises to deliver 2-7  signals every day with a promise to deliver services via email and SMS.

As always, the question remains, is the 1000pip builder signal service worth buying? and is there substantial evidence that gives a green light towards legitimacy and profitability?

I not afraid to tell you that they do not have a refund policy and more disturbing is that the performance record on the website is not a Live Account.

Do not be fooled about all the marketing, social proof, and beautiful website design. Don’t say I did not tell you

I have made some more clarification below, please read review below.

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1000 Pip Builder Strategy (Explained)

It’s a very good one from the creators of the 1000 Pip Builder Signal to provide some insight into the trading strategies that they employ to provide their signals.
Three strategies for one signal service is not bad.

Trend capture, Range Trap, and Momentum rider are somewhat the strategies or indicators of market movements and predictions for the signal service. This looks good on the eyes and its a clear statement of transparency in terms of strategy.

1000 Pip Builder Back Testing Proof (Picture Not Enough)

no one should be convinced by the picture representation of success when it comes to the internet in general.

In an age where graphic design and photo editing have gone from planet to earth to pluto, just anything is possible.

There is picture proof of successful accounts on the website, but I refuse to be convinced by them.

I hope it’s the same for you.

1000 Pips Builder Do Not Have A Live Account Proof (red flag)

Look through the website and you would discover that the myfxbook live account on the website is not a verified result, what this means is that you cannot rely on the demo account proof posted on myfxbook in the name of 1000pipsbuilder.

So what?

Summary (No Live Account, No Refund)

This is an honest review and I shouldn’t be telling you exactly what to do, whether to buy or not buy the 1000pips builder signal. the review is transparent enough, please read again.

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